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Planning Model

This is the highest level of planning within APACE. The user can enter every entity in their universe into this sub-system by company/committee. The identification of that item in APACE is maintained by the Model Entity number within the system. This entity number is entered by the user and can be a maximum of 5 digits long. These numbers must be unique within company/committee, but the same number can be used across companies/committees.

The use of this sub-system is not mandatory; other sub-systems can run completely independently of this system. Indeed, most new clients do not employ this module until the second or third year.

The standard audit time is entered, or viewed, in either days or hours depending upon the user’s own customisation.


apace audit software planning model sample

The scoring of the risk is performed each time the entity is displayed or reported from base data to ensure that any changes to the defined Risk Matrix are effected immediately.


When a new entity is created the scores are initially set at the midpoint of each value range (rounded upwards).


The data in the Planning Model is updated in three ways:-





The user can move between the main planning model screen and risk assessment screen for that entity and can also enquire upon any recorded job associated with that entity by the use of the buttons on the screen.




There are six reports in this section …