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Time sheets

All staff, except senior management, will be expected to have completed a time sheet.


Time sheets can be entered on a daily basis by individual staff members. Some staff will also be granted the ability to create time sheets for other (absent) staff.

The data entered during the period can be any portion of the completed time sheet, individual days do not have to be totally completed - whatever data the user has entered will be accepted when the OK button is clicked. If, however, each entered time line has a job allocated to it, the system will check all times entered to determine whether the ‘Ready for Authorisation’ process may be implemented. This may give rise to a number of messages stating imbalances in daily totals - it is probably wise therefore if users do not allocate the jobs until the time sheet is ready for authorisation.

apace audit software time sheet control screen with sample data

When authorised (a specific routine only made available to selected management), these time sheets are added to the respective jobs totals. Thereafter, as authorised time sheets are modified (again a restricted routine), time is removed from, and added to, jobs to reflect the changes made.


The availability of the various time sheet routines will depend upon their access capabilities granted by the Administrator. All staff will at least have the ability to enter and enquire on their own time sheet (these are the default settings when a new staff member is created).


General Time sheet Processing Principles


The following are general principles regarding time sheet processing, irrespective of the specific process selected:-