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This is probably the most critical area of audit activity.

At the conclusion of an audit a report will be completed, and, unless the auditee area has sound controls, exposures to potential risk will be found and these will be the subject of recommendations within the report.


When an audit department issues hundreds of recommendations each year, how can you be sure that these are being actioned and the exposures thus addressed in a timely manner?


Unless the audit department has fully automated this area, there is the potential that these key targets could slip. APACE provides sufficient reporting tools to enable you to keep on top of outstanding recommendations and also provides significant, targeted management reports on progress.

apace audit software recommendations control screen with sample data

APACE allows allocated users to raise recommendations for jobs. The control of the data entry is not so exposed as to require an authorisation procedure because the data is pasted from the body of the authorised report, and a summary of all recommendations for a report, and current progress, can be created at any time using the Action Plan and Recommendation Progress reports.


Subsequent modifications to these recommendations are usually limited to changing the comments/progress, person to action the recommendation in the auditee area, target date or date actioned/closed, although all fields may be subsequently changed to ensure the most up-to-date information is held.


Similar to the Job reporting sub-system, there are many recommendation reports, each of which is extensively parameterised so you can focus down to the sub-set of information you require.


Recommendation reports include outstanding recommendations, turn-around documents / action lists, exception reports and overall auditee performance reports / graphs.


There are 10 reports in this section. All of which are extensively parameterised so you can focus down to the sub-set of information you require …